International Photography Awards™ Winner

Best Professional Photographer of the Year in Book Category

First Place in Fine Art Category

International Photography Award 2018


Lights and shadows blended together shape my most personal and intimate look, a type of mannerism bathed in chiaroscuro.

The darkness and obscure shadows draw and design my way. It is a blinding light which sets up and shape the images coming from the meditation of my emotions and my own perception of aesthetics. I capture images in a split second instant which is unique and unrepeatable.

An intimate personal life forged by the search for love as the main love along with the struggle against the hell because of the exile far from the family and the defense of personal freedom, all together determine the drama and romanticism of my entire work.

For decades I have been devoted to the study of decorative and plastic arts and it has helped me to develop a sensitive and aesthetic approach in my compositions, coating them with a personal language.

My photographic language inhabits the passion I have for a detailed study of the chromatic tonalities in the order to shape the light around my world. The infinite and imperceptible ranges of color help me to conceive a poetic illumination, beyond a faithful copy of the moment I portray.

The digital or pictorial alteration of the image, when alone in my lab, makes me wonder about the time. The techniques I employ seek to raise doubts concerning form and nature; this lets me create a new setting born from the same work, without knowing how much is reality, fiction or poetry. Truth an the imaginary intertwines fragments and in order to interpret colour and form. This is the way I create flashes of light which ignore hidden corners behind the shadows.

My main aim is providing a wrapping of mystery and magic everything I portray so that it can emanate a new appearance next to a new oniric reality. I relentlessly look forward to integrating spectator as part of my scenery and encourage them to live the emotion of the picture: they are images created anywhere and adapted to the newest digital techniques.

My vision of photography tries to capture that instant that provokes a certain “saudade “ or delicate sadness of the ephemeral beauty, looking for the symbolization of subtle and the sweet melancholic course of time.

I am an admirer of Spanish painters as Zurbarán, José De Ribera portraitists and realistic artists like Fortuny, Boldini, Ingres or Zuloaga. I confess myself being an unconditional follower of avant-garde photographers as Nick Kight or his referencer Salvador Dalí.

I am a passionate about the portraits of Leibovitz, Melvin Sokolosky, Pierre Gonnord and particularly impressed by Masao Yamamoto´s "The Silence and Stillness" .Other classic artists as Avedon, Erienne Carjat, Man Rayo or Dora Mar. Other influences are the study of Robert Mapplethorpe in his series “Homoeroticsm” where you can notice Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro transitting over the skin.

All these artists have been the referents along my artistic career and the well from I drink to reinterpret a current social and aesthetic reality, with winks to the past times.


Diego Orlando was born in San Sebastian, in the north of Spain.

His grandmother was a great antiques collecter who transmitted Diego her love and interest for the fine arts.

Diego spent his early years between Spain, and summer stays in France.

As a very young child he took up painting and sculpture courses attending the Catalina de Erauso Center in his home town.

When a teenager he continued his artistic training with Ana de Miguel and José Antonio Ferrán.

He visited the studio of wellknown photographer Juan Gyenes to pose for his camera. He was the person who introduced a twelve-year old Diego into the world of photography. The portraits of famous people as Pablo Picasso or Ava Gardner hanging on the walls of artist studio utterly enticed Diego to become a professional photograph. At that very moment he started taking his first pictures using an old Leika camera, given by his grandfather.

When he was thirteen he was sent to a boarding school in the south of Spain, far from his family and friends. This year marked his creative career and his particular way of interpreting the southern sun light.

He was forced to give up his dream of studying Fine Arts at the university in Madrid, and he determines to work in the business world for some years.

Throughout the nineties he started working in the interior design framework and antiques valuation.

This world offers him for over ten years a way out for his artistic vocation, denied until then, dedicating part of his life to recreate spaces and learn from the applied art, alternating business activity with the world related to art.

He keeps connected with the arts world through his residence in the French Basque Coast and his assiduous visits to museums in Paris, Moscow, Madrid and New York.

In 2006 he moved to America breaking away with his former life leaving his long business career. He decides to break with all previous life, leaves Europe, and his long career in the business world, which had been developing for more than two decades.

His entire inner wold was revolutionized by both his partner and his love for the Caribbean. It is at that very moment when he decides to combine all his efforts to take up his passion for artistic creation and returns to Spain.

In the Iberian country, he studied a master's degree in creative photography at the University of Catalonia for two years.